The Courier Company that can store, pick, pack and deliver your Christmas parcels in London & worldwide

With Christmas fast approaching, you’ll want to be sure that you have everything in place before it’s too late. From organising gifts for clients to sorting out customer orders, staying ahead of the game is key to a smooth run up to Christmas.

The secret to avoiding the mad rush

Handing over your storage & fulfillment needs to a partner that offers bespoke courier and storage services is your best option to stay on top during this busy period. Pick, packing and shipping your client orders or gifts can be more time consuming that you expect, that’s why a logistics company with plenty of fulfillment experience is your best option to save you time and stress.

Get the space you need

With a London based storage and warehouse facility, you’re getting space, stock management, picking, packing and courier services across London, the rest of the UK and worldwide. This year save the office space and time that your gifts and orders will take up and let Mango Logistics Group do it all for you.

Get the manpower & experience you need

Mango Logistics Group is experienced in packing, handling and delivering high value and sensitive goods across London. We will make sure that you’re orders/gifts are picked, packed and delivered in time for Christmas with our true last mile service. Whether your goods are large or small, we can find the perfect solution for whatever goods you’re looking to send.

How you can get in touch

Mango Logistics Group is a long established and well trusted logistics company with a highly experienced team.

You can contact our team by phone on 020 7713 2000, by email at or enquire here.

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