5 Tips For Students Struggling With Storage

Whether you’re living in student halls, renting a room from a landlord or even sharing a flat with friends, you just never seem to have enough space! Add the term times and strict rental agreements, you’ve probably found yourself making multiple trips back and forth to your family home, spending  (what seems like) countless hours […]

7 mistakes that courier companies have made carrying your things

It’s important to pick your courier company wisely. Do some research and don’t always opt for the cheapest one. A reputable company may charge a slight premium for a fabulous service. But trust us – you’d rather pay a little extra with the knowledge that your delivery items are handled professionally, and with care from […]

Should you be outsourcing your warehousing?

Whether you’re in retail, wholesale, the importing and exporting industry, or even manufacturing, storage and space is one of the larger operational considerations you’ll have to deal with. With the growing trend of outsourcing business processes over recent years, we look at whether outsourcing your warehousing will be beneficial for you. Use this guide to […]

Words From A CEO: My 23 seconds on BBC News on the subject of Brexit and its effects on SMEs in London

Earlier this week, I was interviewed by BBC London News on how Brexit could affect logistics businesses in Central London. There was and still is a lot to talk about and here’s part of the discussion that didn’t make the cut. More than 50% of Mango Logistics Group’s customer exports go to EU countries relatively […]

Customer Satisfaction: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid.

Here at Mango Logistics something we pride ourselves on is client communication. We speak to customers every day about their wants and needs, and what we can offer them. It’s safe to say when it comes to customer service we’re experienced enough to offer our top tips on pitfalls to look out for to deliver […]

Young Minds Helped Mango Rebrand

How young people can help your team’s digital marketing strategy. Young people are a real asset to any company’s outlook. Not only is it great for CSR, it can be a genuine pleasure to understand their experience in the modern world. It is also a really valuable opportunity for all kinds of young people to […]