Mango Storage FAQs

 Q: What are the access hours to the storage sites?

We have different sites tailored for different needs, with varied accessibility. We manage all our sites and therefore access is by appointment only with 24 hours’ notice required. However, in some instances, same day access can be arranged at short notice. We will arrange for a member of our team to meet you personally on site

Q: Do I have to use all your services?

You can use as many of our services that suit your needs. One of the benefits of using Mango across a range of services, is that we can provide a combination of storage solutions that suit your varied storage needs; Such as providing both containers for your physical items and archive storage for your archive boxes.

Q: Can I deliver my items myself?

We aim to make your life easier by offering to collect your items. However, if you prefer to deliver your own contents into and out of our storage units, you can. For archive storage, we recommend we that you use our collection and delivery to ensure the necessary stringent security procedures are met.

Q: Can you pack, load, transport and store my valuables?

Mango Storage is your one stop shop for all your moving and storing needs. We can do as little or as much as you like!

Q: How do I pay for my storage?

For the initial collection and / or first 4-week’s payment, we can take credit or debit card details. For your ongoing storage payments, we ask you to set up an account and complete a direct debit mandate. You will receive a 4-weekly invoice on most services.

Q: Do you provide both short and long term storage?

Mango storage offers storage solutions for any length of term necessary. Please contact us since prices will vary for longer term storage.

Q: Are there any items that are prohibited?

A: We cannot store flammable, perishable or illegal items at Mango Storage. Please see a complete list of prohibited items not suited for storage.

For a list of our prohibited items, click here

Q: Can Mango pickup my items and deliver them back after storing them?

Yes, we can pick up your items and deliver them back to you at your convenience

Q: Where are your storage sites?

We have storage sites in central London and at various sites around London. To find out more please contact us

Q: What times can I access my goods?

Access of your goods depends on the storage location. To find out more, please contact us.

Q: Do you offer professional export and wrapping services?

Yes, we offer professional packing services